The new millennium has been one of rapid change and the emergence of:

  • Linkedin, Youtube, Facebook; the new communication tools of current times. Global Internet democracy makes everyone the ‘expert’ and a stakeholder of brands.
  • Consumers becoming more assertive and exercising their power as actual users via social exchange.
  • Brands realizing the power of collective intelligence being bigger than expert panels/committees.

Globally the power dynamics are changing and there is grass root involvement of consumers with brands for innovation and beyond. In this “new economy”, we believe we need to close the gap and re-look at the Observed and Observer relationship in market research between brand and consumers. Replace the bland Q&A style of information gathering, instead enable more equal communication and dialogue between consumers, brands and researchers.

Who We Are

Consumer Faces is in the business of understanding people for problem solving and opportunity creation.

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What We Do

We uncover consumer stories as a springboard to inspire brands and be a catalyst for change.

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We specialize in early stages of new product, service and concept development.   

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We have more than 30 years of research experience across Pan Asia, Australasia and the Middle East.

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Selected Case Studies

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Advocacy in the financial sector

India and its design evolution

Digital activation among Millennials

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