New Product Development

Kitchen Appliance Product Development


  • Client wished to develop a kitchen appliance.
  • For the first time a product developed in Asia for Asian consumers.
  • Task was to uncover the universal insight relevant to diverse Asian cultures and food habits.


  • Year long engagement that spanned across farm to table consumer immersions across four markets in Southeast Asia.
  • Observation and interviews at wet markets, supermarkets, in home visits to see product interaction and meal observation.
  • Workshop to move from observation to insight platforms to new product concepts.
  • Prototype testing.
  • Product exterior development.


  • Based on numerous observations over 6 insight platforms & 20-30 product ideas emerged.
  • These were consolidated into a winning concept launched in the market.


  • Product was a success and line up was extended.
  • Some concept ideas adopted at global level.
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