Culture Studies

Understanding The Design Sensibility of India and Its Evolution


  • A global brand wanted to focus its efforts on designing products developed in India for the Indian consumer.
  • We needed to understand how India’s lifestyle and design sensibility was developing and the opportunities for new product development.


  • Multi stage approach conducted in 2 phases, 3 years apart.
  • Online and offline secondary research for hypothesis development and setting the enquiry framework.
  • Interviews with an expert panel comprising of colour consultants, youth experts, graphic designers, product developers etc.
  • Immersion and learning journeys to gather visual stimulus and first hand inspiration.
  • Ethnographic interviews with leading edge consumers.
  • Development and future forward workshop to develop platform for product development.


  • 3 key opportunity areas were mapped for product development through a workshop process.


  • Cultural book for visual inspiration of designers and product planners within client organization.
  • Product line up for short and medium term.
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