What We Do

The consumer is at the heart of what we do

Our process is designed to uncover consumer stories as a springboard to inspire brands and be a catalyst for change.

What We Do

Situational awareness

  • Deep dive into consumer world, behaviors, attitudes, lives, artifacts.
  • Understanding the context the product operates in and future scenarios.
  • Competitive landscape within category and indirectly from outside the category.
  • Internal stakeholder perspective to the problem and the future.


  • Deductive and inductive reasoning.
  • Building frameworks that explain  observed attitudes and behaviours.
  • Uncovering key challenges and re framing perspectives.


  • Finding solutions to solve problems/address consumer needs using insight platforms.


  • Developing action plans, next steps for implementation.
  • Plan using strategic matrix and future proofing these.
  • Subsequent  consumer experiments to assess value of solutions and plans.

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