About Us

Understanding people, cultures and uncovering consumer insight for change


Flee market, Bangkok

Honesty is important to us

Appreciating the fundamental human truth no matter how small or simple is core to our practice . We go deep into details of everyday life. Nothing is ever too mundane or too insignificant.


Inspiring brands and being the catalyst for change

We are insight provokers and alchemists. Most of our time is spent observing the poetics of life, exchanging stories with people. These truths, we bring to clients and brands to create an awareness and realization to provoke change.


Wealth of global consumer cultural immersion across time

You can find us exploring different aspects of human life and behaviour in Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Our hands on and personal involvement in global research, especially markets in Asia and Middle East spans across 26 countries and 49 cities. We have explored developed and emerging markets across different stages and timespan. Detecting, understanding, appreciating and articulating cultural nuances is our forte and we are skilled in negotiating cultural differences


Push boundaries and are experimental

We are brave and often challenge conventions for betterment and new perspectives. We are self-driven and fuelled by the essential truth and possibilities. Our research team brings diversity through constant re energizing of their thinking, inspirations, knowledge and learning from different fields.

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